UK Games Expo

Off to the UK Games Expo in Birmingham tomorrow. Should be a quick drive (less than 2 hours traffic permitting) and I can then have a snoop around the game stands to see what’s new. Last time I was there, they had the new edition of Talisman (before Games Workshop… Continue reading UK Games Expo

Dear Owner

I noticeded that your domain “” expires in a few weeks, which means that it is going to be publicly available soon. I’d like to buy this domain name before it expires. I assume that you are not interested in keeping it for yourself. Hmm… Does this person know something… Continue reading Dear Owner


I’m definitely certain there was something that happened today that made me think of PARANOIA. Now, however, so many hours after whatever it was, I have forgotten. Not a clue. I can’t believe that it has simply slipped away. Oddly, time continues to slip away too and I’m getting precious… Continue reading Amnesia