Upgrade Successful

Omega Complex has survived the move from one hosting solution to another… Blessed relief that it turned out to be relatively easy. I reckon I’m saving the really difficult migration work for when I’m in a really good mood… And, for the time being, www.traitorrecycling.com is pointing at this time.… Continue reading Upgrade Successful

Black Omissions

Quick post. Got the new Black Missions version of the PARANOIA Troubleshooter book. A quick scan indicates re-organised, re-fonted, re-formatted, re-illustrated, and reduced in thickness/weight. Essentially, Allen’s XP edition with tweaks… and my name misspelt in the credits. Mongoose have been informed and termination vouchers duly issued. I’ll post more… Continue reading Black Omissions

Seed Vault

Interesting set-up at Svalbard – Seed Vault – where the hope of generations to come, post-apocalypse, sit in racks of dark grey boxes. A holy grail for Sierra Club members, and undoubtedly there’ll be a way in via the Underplex. Accessing from underground would obviously be a lot easier than… Continue reading Seed Vault