Lone Wolf: Simplicity & Nostalgia

I haven’t finished reading the Lone Wolf Adventure Game yet, but I’m more than halfway through. The game boils down into three books at heart, with various other components like pre-generated characters, tokens, combat tables and a randomiser. I have read the Book of Kai Legends, which contains two adventures.… Continue reading Lone Wolf: Simplicity & Nostalgia

PARANOIA Architecture

The Esther Koplowitz Foundation for children with Cerebral Palsy occupies a 1950s building in south-west Madrid. The architects of Hans Abaton met the challenge of extending the existing building in a particularly colourful way. For the mind tuned to dystopian role-playing, it looks like a thoroughly modern approach to multi-clearance… Continue reading PARANOIA Architecture

Character In Three Acts

I’m not generally one to engage in all-out acts of improvisation and storytelling; however it occurred to me at the weekend that a little bit of freeform play might assist with rounding out characters for our current Call of Cthulhu 7th edition campaign. I had an interesting session in my… Continue reading Character In Three Acts