Complex 214 – The Dee Sanction

I have a few upcoming conventions to prepare for, where I hope to get the chance to run a couple of Complex 214 games. One will be based around the dystopian future colony background I have already referenced in my game pitch post and elsewhere. The other will take me… Continue reading Complex 214 – The Dee Sanction

Complex 214 – Unethical Ends

Complex 214 character generation include three card-driven facets – Mutation, Secret Affiliation and Unethical Ends. I have been looking with some interest at the lattermost. Essentially, all characters have a purpose in their daily existence. Characters in Complex 214 could not describe themselves as competent in much at all. They… Continue reading Complex 214 – Unethical Ends

Selfish and Selfless Successes

When I discussed running Stealth Train at the weekend, I also mentioned Selfless and Selfish Successes. I just wanted to cover that topic in a little more detail. Essentially, I didn’t want success to be anything but. When you get the 7 needed for success, I didn’t want anyone to… Continue reading Selfish and Selfless Successes

Complex 214 – Pitch to My Group

My gaming group – after 2.5 years of thoroughly non-organised play – has taken to pitching potential new games and adventures. This has come as something of a shock to the system, but its makes sense as we only get together once a week and we don’t want to waste… Continue reading Complex 214 – Pitch to My Group

Complex 214 – Stealth Train

Yesterday, I ran my first session of Complex 214, using the classic mission Stealth Train as my guinea pig. I ran the session with three players, one of them playing their first ever roleplaying adventure. In many ways, having the chance to run the game with a mixed group of players allowed… Continue reading Complex 214 – Stealth Train

Complex Development 214

I’m running a game of Paranoia at the weekend, and to torture myself with extra work I’m messing around with a new system – which I’m currently calling the 214 System. Creating a Character Character generation involves selecting a Mutation, Secret Affiliation and Loyal Workers card – each of which… Continue reading Complex Development 214