Clean Sweep

Take some of this CyberClean stuff –, scale it up to the size of a medium sized dog and make it artificially intelligent. Then, assign it to both the Equipment and the Hygiene Officer – or just one of them. Or both, but in shifts. The unnatural pooch –… Continue reading Clean Sweep

Entirely Reasonable

The official PARANOIA Dev Blog posted about Petri Wessman’s blog where you can dig up all manner of PARANOIA book reviews. I’m reasonably sure I’ve mentioned it before – largely because the review of ‘The Underplex‘ came over as entirely reasonable: This is by no means a “must have” book… Continue reading Entirely Reasonable

The Defenders

I managed to read a short story over breakfast, using the Stanza app on my iPhone. I don’t manage to do anything quite so significant during breakfast any day of the week, but on Sunday… well, it impressed even me. I read ‘The Defenders‘ by Philip K. Dick. If it… Continue reading The Defenders

The Prisoner

The Prisoner never was an easy thing to understand. I guess, in principle, this recent re-imagining aimed to make the concept more accessible and easier to digest. The series presented a conclusion with some measure of coherence; but, then again, the original Prisoner nestled in the bosom of the 60s… Continue reading The Prisoner

The Beast Below

The recent Doctor Who episode set on a Britain-turned-spaceship in the 33rd century featured a creepy police state overseen by the Smilers – fairground fortune-telling machines turned nasty. I’ve commented on – and reviewed the episode – with a Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space-slant over on my Who… Continue reading The Beast Below