Loan Me This Money

Keen to exploit any situation, Nigerian scamsters (or their ilk) may have overestimated their chances against the PARANOIA Yahoo! Group with this transparent, and misguided, attempt: Hello, How are you doing ? I’m sorry I did not inform you about my trip to London, England for a program. I arrived… Continue reading Loan Me This Money

Hot Potato

I’m reasonably sure that I have posted something on this before – but, anyway, the US military are looking for a non-lethal weapon that inflict pain rather than permanent injury. Having already got themselves a crowd suppression turret-mounted weapon that fires microwave energy at a crowd – and disperses through… Continue reading Hot Potato

Mobile Messaging

I’m currently addicted to Twitter. I wonder whether Troubleshooters might fall foul of similar information overload through their personal communication device of choice? We have myriad routes of communication with people both close, near and, well, frankly strangers. Would a Troubleshooter have a stream of messages to contend with from… Continue reading Mobile Messaging

Cheap as Chips

I’m not one to line anyone else’s pockets if possible, but why would you turn down a spanky copy of The Underplex for as little as £3. Cheap, entertaining – and suspiciously located in Swindon. Perhaps Mongoose had a car boot sale?

Upgrade Successful

Omega Complex has survived the move from one hosting solution to another… Blessed relief that it turned out to be relatively easy. I reckon I’m saving the really difficult migration work for when I’m in a really good mood… And, for the time being, is pointing at this time.… Continue reading Upgrade Successful