Gotta Love Google

Yesterday, my SQL database took a dive. This morning, I realised that the whole blog had disappeared. An afternoon with Google, however, has almost returned the whole thing without much more effort than a mass copy/paste. Thanks Google! Oh… and a new theme for the site. Seemed like a change… Continue reading Gotta Love Google

Infinite Oregano

I dislike simply linking to entertaining articles, but sometimes you have to do it. In a way, there is relevance here, as a recent thread of discussion on the Mongoose forum queried the future of PARANOIA and wondered what a revised core book for the game might hold. Over the… Continue reading Infinite Oregano

Living in a Box

The lack of space experienced in many countries coupled with innovative architects makes for some Alpha Complex-like prospects, seeking to “maximize urban density, construct artificial natures, [and] let data-crunching computers do the design work”. This article, focussed on the work of architectural fim MVRDV, proposes all sorts of tweaks to… Continue reading Living in a Box

STUFF You Need

Sometimes books slither like snails in the face of an oncoming predator. For all the enthusiasm shown by those involved, somehow the creative process fails completely to kick-start, chugging and choking like an ill-maintained TransBot. In the case of the two PARANOIA gear books – STUFF and STUFF 2: The… Continue reading STUFF You Need

The Underground City

‘City of Ember‘ seems to have some familiar elements. People living beneath the ground because you can’t live on the surface. A society desperate for resources maintaining an antiquated infrastructure. A ruler with secrets. A relic from before the disaster. Yes. It’s a trailer for a film based on a… Continue reading The Underground City