Can’t Tell Stalk from Mutter

I notice that Gareth H. (@mytholder) has been muttering – well, tweeting – about having a problem with the end of a PARANOIA mission. I have been keeping an eye out for his posts and Tweets because I’m interested in how the new edition of the game might be developing. I’m not sure whether this mission has anthing to do with the new rule set, or if this is something completely separate.

Having been quite involved in the game for the last five years, I take an interest in these things. My contributions may have been small… But that doesn’t mean that I stop caring. Indeed, I have been working hard on my own mission this weekend – keen to keep my oar in so as not to forget exactly how it is done. I like the creative process, though I’m not especially quick or decisive about it. I do have my moments, but they’re woefully unpredictable.

I’ll try to lay off taking too much interest in what other people are doing, and concentrate a little harder on my own projects. I’m sure Gareth will get the job finished just fine…

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