Complex 214 – Unethical Ends

Complex 214 character generation include three card-driven facets – Mutation, Secret Affiliation and Unethical Ends. I have been looking with some interest at the lattermost. Essentially, all characters have a purpose in their daily existence. Characters in Complex 214 could not describe themselves as competent in much at all. They… Continue reading Complex 214 – Unethical Ends

Selfish and Selfless Successes

When I discussed running Stealth Train at the weekend, I also mentioned Selfless and Selfish Successes. I just wanted to cover that topic in a little more detail. Essentially, I didn’t want success to be anything but. When you get the 7 needed for success, I didn’t want anyone to… Continue reading Selfish and Selfless Successes

Complex 214 – Pitch to My Group

My gaming group – after 2.5 years of thoroughly non-organised play – has taken to pitching potential new games and adventures. This has come as something of a shock to the system, but its makes sense as we only get together once a week and we don’t want to waste… Continue reading Complex 214 – Pitch to My Group

Complex 214 – Stealth Train

Yesterday, I ran my first session of Complex 214, using the classic mission Stealth Train as my guinea pig. I ran the session with three players, one of them playing their first ever roleplaying adventure. In many ways, having the chance to run the game with a mixed group of players allowed… Continue reading Complex 214 – Stealth Train

Complex Development 214

I’m running a game of Paranoia at the weekend, and to torture myself with extra work I’m messing around with a new system – which I’m currently calling the 214 System. Creating a Character Character generation involves selecting a Mutation, Secret Affiliation and Loyal Workers card – each of which… Continue reading Complex Development 214

I Will Survive

Well, 2014 presents us with Paranoia‘s 30th anniversary, and the suggestion of something to look forward to. Seems like only yesterday that Paranoia XP appeared to celebrate the 20th anniversary, and I toiled amongst the Traitor Recycling Studio producing some rather interesting, exciting and dangerous supplements. Alas, the various volumes produced a… Continue reading I Will Survive

Choosing Wisely

I generally approach Monday nights with a creeping sense of dread. Don’t get me wrong – I love gaming night. I also enjoy the whole business of gaming. What kills me can be the uncertainty about whether I actually will GM or not. If I do GM, what size group… Continue reading Choosing Wisely

Pit of Filth

  Matt Jackson – over on Google+ – created a mini-map on an index card and challenged readers to come up with an adventure. This was my own stab – the Pit of Filth. Given the existence of more than one horror adventure in the Fighting Fantasy solo adventure book… Continue reading Pit of Filth