Gabling Domerer – A Variant Beggar Living

The Gabling Domerer offers an additional variant Living for characters created for Maelstrom using The Beggars Companion. You can use this variant to expand the alternatives available for new characters, ‘developing’ characters, or designing non-player colour for your adventures. Gimmick: Fake mute, who may also fake deafness I have had frequent opportunities to… Continue reading Gabling Domerer – A Variant Beggar Living

Outlive Outdead Playtest – Session Report 1

I ran a session of Outlive Outdead last night using the adventure from the playtest materials. I distributed the pre-generated characters to the gathered players – five in total – and they opted for Julie, single mom, Alexei, ex-strip club owner, Michael, ex-local councillor, Jacob, ex-minor local league hockey player,… Continue reading Outlive Outdead Playtest – Session Report 1

Short and Sharp

I have spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks structuring content. My work focussed on writing responses to some official questions for a work project. The process meant taking the question and breaking it down into components. Then, I had to take the component parts and… Continue reading Short and Sharp

Common Ground

I plan to adapt Maelstrom, a game nominally associated with tales of adventure in a historic setting, to run a science fiction scenario. I noted that the many and varied occupations, or livings, in the game bear resemblance to some of the many typical career paths seen in the sci-fi… Continue reading Common Ground

Foul Dungeons

Have I created this sense of dungeoneering somehow being wrong by aligning the act of entering a dungeon with the playing of certain games? I’m not sure I can take sole responsibility for it, but I think it bears consideration. I find myself hankering for a dungeon crawl, but somehow… Continue reading Foul Dungeons