Code 7 – Gamma 22.a-1.668.1

Something struck a communications relay tower in YBF Sector. A Tech Services team went in and didn’t return. A squad of Vultures went in and didn’t come out either. The Troubleshooters have to find out what’s going on.

It could be a flying saucer; a meteorite containing a weird metallic signature; a piece of Old Reckoning space junk filled with media recordings from Before; an experimental, homemade ground-to-air missile etched with obscenities about The Computer; a structural fault caused by poor maintenance of the tower; or, a poorly programmed Flybot courier caring enough powdery grey-green stuff to send a regiment to la-la land for a month.

The ‘shooters better be careful as the relay tower signal might provide spotty comms at best; the ‘bot management of the cleaning units on site could go offline at any time; one of the missing Vultures might have had an outstanding gambling debt to a shady couple of characters from VGS Sector; and, The Computer could ask them to carry in a crate the size and weight of a moped containing replacement parts the next Tech Services team might need to get the place back up and running. They’ll be along soon (if only so the Group can save face – or perhaps identify a reason to question the poorly regulated power flow into the building).

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