Code 7 – Kappa 6.11111.a-a8

Having stared down the Vultures guarding the door and made it into the room, the Troubleshooters watch the Briefing Officer keel over halfway through the mission brief, without explanation. He’d been telling them about the Commie infiltration of a sub-level warehouse facility in AKZ Sector, gone boggle eyed, then collapsed like a stone. After lying on the floor for a moment, he probably starts spurting blood out of all his orifices, or exudes a foul smelling, but innocuous, gas, or starts to make a strange keening whistle, or spasms violently, and randomly, or turns into a brain-hungry zombie. Whatever happens, the Troubleshooters find themselves in a briefing room with a senior clearance administrator knowing full well they have a couple of trigger happy Vultures right outside the door…

Perhaps if the Troubleshooters can patch in a link to Troubleshooter Control or through to The Computer they can present the evidence for their innocence and get out of this situation with their skins, clearly proving that the briefing officer’s subordinate personal assistant killed him with poisonous micro-needles, or he suffered lethal radiation doses from a key fob he got at his last Sierra Club meeting, or his psychokinetic mutant power caused massive swelling of his pineal gland, or a HPD & MC operative spilt a noxious chemical in the vent under the officer’s briefing station, or a Death Leopard member called Rubik has set this whole room up with a series of fiendish bowel-churning booby-traps and anti-personnel devices, or he had lupus.

If they can get a solid case together and enough evidence, it shouldn’t be problem to get themselves cleared of his death and get right on to that mission they never quite got all the details for.

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