Discount Bonus Fun Joy

I managed to completely miss the GM Day offers over at RPGNow/DriveThruRPG. I think it might have been for the best, because I almost definitely have stuff downloaded from there a while back unread (but not unwanted).

However, I’m happy to say, for PARANOIA fans, that the whole range (almost every sort of treason in word and deed) from the original XP rules to the present day likes of IntSec has some sort of discount (with the odd exception here and there). In many cases, Mongoose has discounted by as much as 50% (or thereabouts), which can’t be sniffed at. Handy for anyone who wishes to avail themselves of the recent Forms Pack (which certainly lends itself to the PDF format for each of GM access – just print and terrorize!).

I have been flicking through ‘Black Missions’ over the weekend, because I haven’t, as of yet, familiarised myself with the changes (around Treason Points, for example). Alas, I hoped to read a lot, but managed to read only a smidgeon before other matters distracted me. As it happens, some distracting material may land up on this site in the near future; but, I dare not make any promises about what, when or how.

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