Forged in Shower Water

I don’t have any issue with the time consumed (or saved) by the business of taking a shower. I know that when I step in there, I’m going to take too long. It’s just a fact. However, it seems to take even longer these days since I realised the creative influence of a hot shower in getting my game and adventure development sorted.

Not only has a shower served to resolve my issues with teamwork and associated mechanics for 214 and The Dee Sanction, it has offered other revelations. Now – this morning in fact – it has provided me with the conclusion of the Forged in Steel adventure I had planned for the Seven Hills tabletop game convention.


Seven Hills has only been running since earlier this year – and serves as a counterpoint to Furnace that happens later in the year. The other difference – Seven Hills attempts to have a keyword theme, which is ‘Steel’ this year.

I said to the organisers that I would run a game or two, but didn’t have any idea what the adventures would be. Time passed and I realised I needed to commit a little more thoroughly. Therefore, I sat down at the weekend and gave some thought to what I would run. Someone asked if I’d do a TimeWatch adventure – so, I decided I would. The other adventure would be for The Dee Sanction, as I’m certain this will the setting that I write as the primary example when I get 214 together as a core book.

I had a couple of ideas knocking around, so I expanded them a little and posted them off – without really having anything more than a basic skeleton of an idea.

The TimeWatch adventure brief runs like this:

Forged in Steel
GM: Paul Baldowski
System: TimeWatch (Gumshoe)

Description: It’s April 2015, and trade negotiations have fallen into petty bickering between Theodor Bormann, the Führer of the Heilige Deutsche Reich, and President Willard Romney. That two great nations united by a deep and abiding faith could come to this – certainty of espionage and competing interest drives the secret services in attendance to initiate a major crack down… Which can only make the investigations of a concerned and curious TimeWatch team all the harder.

Tags: time travel, alternate history, nazis

Following this morning’s shower, I now have the whole adventure sketched out. Which is nice.

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