Going There, Staying Here

“Brave New Complex” opens up the world of PARANOIA to new interpretation. I’m certain die-hard fans understand, but for the casual gamer – having a dozen new supplements churned out each month for a game does not guarantee flexibility – it suggests an interest in the bottom-line.

OK, the d20 system – for example – can apply a baseline rule set to almost any setting – but maybe you’re comfortable with your existing setting and want something more from that. You’re used to running around in a dungeon, completing quests, ever-watchful of the minions of the evil overlord and his struggle to crush the ragtag resistance of the Order of the Virtuous – so, why would a d20 supplement on espionage or superheroes help you? New rules and a setting utterly at odds with what you’re used to?

“Brave New Complex” provide a wealth of ideas on using PARANOIA rules in new settings, which nevertheless continue to espouse the same ideas of back-stabbing, in-fighting, secret orders and hidden enemies. You can experience a new flavour without having to stop eating the same old Cold Fun you’re comfortable with (and reasonably allergy tolerant to).

Thing is, you’re going to have to wait a bit – but, you can be safe in the knowledge that “BNC” will expand the possibilities of your PARANOIA gaming experience for sure!

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