I Feel I Must Apologize…

Harry Enfield has done some interesting stereotypes in his comedy sketches in the past (though not without controversy), including Jurgen, the profusely and masochistically apologetic German, and the Dutch policemen, who are attentative gay lovers and have more than a passing interest in pot smoking. Well, I spotted this PARANOIA auction, and I couldn’t help but apply one of Enfield’s Northern European accents to it…

Paranoia 2nd Edition WEG West End Games Traveller Space Opera SciFi Dark Comedy Auction Bid Now Buy

It is forbidden to disobey the Computer. Now as a lowly, Infra-red troubleshooter who is a traitor to Alpha Complex and the Computer; how will you survive?

More books than just the box set…

[snip… snip…]

The Paranoia Sourcebook – The Return of the Computer; its back and badder than ever. Gives subdivisions of Alpha: Alpha Complex, Alpha Base, and Alpha City. Explains Treason, Commies, Mutants, and Clones in Reboot Alpha. New equiptment from R&D (Oh No!)

Too Hilarious! Paranoia is a Dark Comedy set in the futuristic underground complex of Alpha.

Batteries and dice not included. Bid Now and Win!

Possibly it’s just me. In fact, it definitely is just me; but, it amuses me no end, like an R&D experiment gone wrong (Oh No!)

Like translating humour in stand-up comedy, just how easy is it to translate some aspects of a setting like PARANOIA, especially considering so many of the foundations of the back story come from English literature and Western film.

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