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I dislike simply linking to entertaining articles, but sometimes you have to do it. In a way, there is relevance here, as a recent thread of discussion on the Mongoose forum queried the future of PARANOIA and wondered what a revised core book for the game might hold. Over the past several Year 214s since the re-release of the game, PARANOIA has clocked up an impressive support line – so, what would you scavange from the line to pump up the core book, what would you drop, what would you re-engineer to enhance the playing experience.

Going through my collection of ancient roleplaying magazines the other day I found an article referring to archetypal RPG elements – and it asked how you could ever consider PARANOIA without Treason Points. The current edition doesn’t have ‘em, so is it less PARANOIA than it could be? Maybe. Allen Varney admits “the treason mechanics haven’t been widely adopted” and that another mechanic might well better handle the concept and flavour of treason within the game.

So, what would you change? What elements of other sourcebooks would you integrate into the core? And how would you foresee PARANOIA developing, without retreading old ground? (like certain Unfun Game Systems have a tendency of doing with each new drive for Unit Sales, Profit, and ‘A Better Playing Experience’)

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