[Professor Stone and colleagues at Yale University] have now succeeded in building [an anti-laser].

[The] device focuses two lasers beams of a specific frequency into a specially designed optical cavity made from silicon, which traps the incoming beams of light and forces them to bounce around until all their energy is dissipated.

In a paper published in the journal Science they demonstrated that the anti-laser could adsorb 99.4 per cent of incoming light, for a specific wavelength.

So, we now have a device that can deal with those pesky RED Clearance lasers, but can’t handle a different wavelength. R&D, no doubt, can guarantee that the 0.6% failure to dissipate won’t be a problem. As all loyal citizens know, at least 87.5% of all Commie Traitors can’t shoot straight to begin with…

From: BBC News – Technology, 17 Feb 2011

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