Like an Extra Scoop of Cold Fun

Until July 27 (which to my reckoning gives you three days) DriveThruRPG have declared Christmas in Summer for a plethora of games. Forget the Non-Fun Games though… You could own almost the entire run of new PARANOIA for £82.92… or $165.48 (which, in my calculations means you save $0.60 going with the Pound Sterling option). For that outlay you get:

…all in easy to transport electronic format (the favoured format of sentient electronic devices everywhere!).

While that may not be the complete run of PARANOIA books currently available, you’ll have Service Firms, Service Groups, Secret Societies, Mutations, dangerous equipment, complex personal histories, all the classic PARANOIA missions worth reprinting, tons of colourful background material, and around twenty new missions to throw at your unsuspecting players.

I’m not pressuring you or anything, but – to quote an unscrupulous Romulan ambassador – ‘there has never been a better time.’

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