Maxi-Fun Happy Discount Joy

It was ever so kind of Citizen Shart to point out that Mongoose has hit DriveThruRPG / RPGNow with a very pleasant surprise:

Just thought you’d like to know Mongoose has just reduced price of ALL THEIR PRODUCT DOWNLOADS at RPGNow/ DriveThruRPG by about 40%. This includes PARANOIA and Classic PARANOIA lines (25th Anniversary & XP editions).

According to Mongoose site, this is a PERMANENT price reduction.

So, in the words of a Romulan ambassador, “There will never be a better time.” If you don’t already own them all for real, or didn’t manage to get hold of (almost) everything on DVD when the Limited Edition trilogy came out, now would seem an ideal moment to head over to the store and stock up on those missing gems of recent PARANOIA infotainment.

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