Mission Report: Epic Fail

I’m on holiday at the moment and intended to use some of the time to get writing done. Out on the picturesque coast of Anglesey, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally finish writing my 14th century Avignon-based PARANOIA mini-supplement.

Alas, fickle fate has interceded. I have teenage sons to contend with and no wife to keep them distracted (as she stayed at home nursing a broken toe). My time has not been my own and the apartment only has one room with an inspirational sea view. On top of the that, I’ve been plagued with headaches and sleeplessness, which contribute to a general lack of concentration. Just writing this blog entry involves a considerable act of will.

To add insult to injury, I also intended to run some roleplaying sessions in the evening, simply to keep my oar in. Alas, I have struggled here, too. I’d rather watch a DVD or play a boardgame after getting home dog-tired from walking and preparing dinner.

More pep-pills for me, please!

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