Mobile Messaging

I’m currently addicted to Twitter. I wonder whether Troubleshooters might fall foul of similar information overload through their personal communication device of choice? We have myriad routes of communication with people both close, near and, well, frankly strangers.

Would a Troubleshooter have a stream of messages to contend with from friends, associates, contacts, spammers, managers, peers, underlings, blackmailers, blackmailees, strangers, recruiters, entertainment celebrities, administrators, tech support, automated services, The Computer, Troubleshooter handlers and more besides? Could they cope? Would housekeeping – whether manual or automatic – present a risk of deleting something – or everything – of importance? Would a Troubleshooter deal with ninty-nine innane demands for their attention before reaching an overdue imperative from an irrate executive officers, IntSec interrogator or YELLOW Clearance jobsworth?

I fear clever software solutions wouldn’t be enough – indeed, if the Troubleshooters experience mirrors my own, they’ll have a dozen different message handling clients that do almost all they want, but not quite. Will one client make orders from The Computer clear at a cost of complexities in searching for anything else or tracking message threads?

Would you use the C-net Wideband Interaction Trans-protocol or just not bother? Nobody likes a Cwitter!

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