Mutant Samurai Troubleshooters

Those eggheads in R&D have come up with an innovative new lightweight armor, intended to provide optimum protection with reduced weight. Yes, Armed Forces are sceptical – so R&D want some willing, energetic and enthusiastic Troubleshooters to trial the new armor, along with some other fine innovations, in a simulated battle situation down in IRQ Sector. Recently the site of a pitched battle against Communist infiltrators from Outdoors, it will provide an ideal environment with genuine battle ravaged features and true combat conditions. Armed Forces recon has confirmed an all-clear status for the Sector… so, lets get out there.

Civil engineer Habib Dagher has come up with an original idea on building materials for the battle zone. A combination of balsa wood, fibre glass, thermoplastic resin and kevlar, Habib believes it provides an ideal lightweight material for constructing shelters in combat environments. The material should stand up to blasts and shrapnel impact, while still allowing easy transportation.

I immediately went off on a tangent after reading this, because I had this image of samurai enter my mind. The traditional armor of the samurai, all interlinked and connected blocks… I could envisage R&D using a material like this to create some perverse re-imagining of samurai armor, based on Old Reckoning pictures or movies. I seem to recall Jim Holloway did much – if not all – of the interior artwork for the old AD&D Oriental Adventures book… I shall have to track it down.

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