New Science Means STUFF

I have found a new home for my inquiring mind when seeking out new Stuff… New Scientist has an excellent series of articles on new inventions, and after only three articles I found myself cackling with glee.

Take the 3rd December 2007 article featuring the DNA syringe, a device that increases the permeability of cells with an electrical charge to allow the injection of drugs, or even DNA. R&D couldn’t resist a gun-based platform for this technical breakthrough – and it would be a matter of but a short space of time for pro-mutant factions to seek it out as a means to spreading the ‘gospel’ of positive genetic difference. Perhaps the Mystics could borrow it afterwards, undermining the local power structure of a sector with sniper-style attacks on key individuals who suddenly find themselves under the influence of powerful hallucinogens.

How about breathable hazard suits that allow your skin to breath freely but can seal against hazards through the application of current, which closes the suits nanopores. Anyone for an entire adventure where you have to wear these suits, but R&D have a problem that the frequency of the controller device disrupts the functionality of the suit – so another team member has the responsibility of activating the current. Oh, and the eggheads have had a few problems modulating the charge in the suit’s capacitor… so sometimes the shock might edge into the realms of the uncomfortable, though at least you’ll be safe from harm!

I’m reasonably certain a handheld food and beverage analyzer would fall into the classification of grey tech within Alpha Complex, where the less you know about the actual composition of your food, the better.

I’ve added a blog feed under Scientist on the righthandside of this site… Good reading, have fun!

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