No One Expects…

In the continuing tale of a would-be game writer, I find myself wanting to write a mission, but lacking the energy to get it done in anything less than a geological era. I keep setting time aside to get going, but fail to make the most of what I have set aside, always finding something else to do. When I’m cleaning out a hamster cage instead of writing a few paragraph, I guess that means I’m lacking focus – though, the household chores should probably have the priority anyway.

So, perhaps I need to do some reading or watching to get me in the mood. I watched Fringe the other night, which came off like an episode of The X-Files without any hint of aliens. An agent investigates out of the ordinary cases, tied up in something called The Pattern, while getting help from a drop-out scientist, and his son, who spent his time, before incarceration seventeen years ago, studying wacko science. Not quite PARANOIA-fodder, but it might make a reasonable replacement for the late lamented Threshold, which I rather enjoyed.

I have spotted several adverts for City of Ember, due out in cinemas in the next week. Society driven underground by war spends 200 years in an enclosed community under dubious, if charismatic, leadership. Now, however, the primary generator has started shutting down and an ancient prophecy seems to be come true – or something like that. Certainly smells like PARANOIA, and I have been meaning to buy the book (rather than rely on the Hollywood vision alone). I guess only viewing and/or reading will tell.

And here I am on the fourth paragraph, when I should be getting ready for work and certainly could have been writing a bit of the mission-that-must-be. Even a few lines would be better than nothing!

Could this inertia be some kind of Communist conspiracy?

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