One Off – Part 2

It has occurred to me that I haven’t posted here in a while. Rather like a box in the garage that you don’t inspect unless you’re clearing it, it does suggest maybe I have outgrown the need for this blog. On the other hand, like the Lottery, I fear the moment I dump something, to save a few quid, I will find that I need it again. I think it might be in order to use this blog for purposes specifically relating to the running and writing of games, though I have done similar posts elsewhere. Maybe, I can just keep this blog for whim posting of whatever. Maybe PARANOIA may figure enough in proceedings to warrant the continue existence and focus of this blog as is. I suppose that if I made an effort to run PARANOIA more often, I would have enough stuff to post about on here.

Following on from my last post (in March!), I have been reading Traveller. Reading through the content of the last post, it dawned on me that a serious game of PARANOIA might be run with the Traveller rules. I’m not sure why that makes sense to me; but, I do know that it does for whatever reason. Perhaps it has something to do with the presence of a rulebook. If I turn up with the PARANOIA rules, then I will be playing that game. If I turn up with the Traveller rules, then I will be playing Traveller – even if the adventures I run with those rules have a striking resemblance to PARANOIA missions. With reference back to the previous post, it would be like playing Warhammer with War Machine rules and tri-fold paper miniatures. I may be using the background and battle setups of the Warhammer world, but because I’m using different rules and different figures it might be perceived that I’m not actually playing Warhammer.

It would be interesting to have a go at dressing up PARANOIA in new clothes and giving it a go. I might not necessarily attempt it with Traveller, but using some other system will certainly draw players off the scent; and if I muddy the waters then they may never realise they have been led up the garden path (to seriously mix up a metaphor).

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