PARANOIA Fear of Fashion

I recently purchased a book called Fear and Fashion in the Cold War for my wife. While I wouldn’t normally consider a gift for my wife as an opportunity to get something of interest to me as well, this actually looked like just such an opportunity. The book looks at fashion in the Cold War period and how it developed over that time. Studying the progression through the decades, the author includes a plethora of images, some of which might influence the thoughts of a PARANOIA GM in designing the environment of Alpha Complex.

I attach a personal favourite below that fits PARANOIA in an alarming way, with an ULTRAVIOLET Clearance citizen lambasting a RED Clearance woman’s clear fear and confusion over what the green stuff in the foreground is all about. The thing on the wall in the background could easily be a terminal of The All-Seeing Computer, with an obvious eye-like element at the centre of the device.

Recommended reference material – perhaps worth a pop, or at least borrow one from the local library!

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