PARANOIA in the Guide

BBC Communities include the Earth edition of the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, conceived by Douglas Adams as an encyclopedia by the people for the people – similar to the objective of Wikipedia. Launched in April 1999, I have been writing for the Guide since May 1999 and have around three dozen Edited Entries on all manner of topics trivial, frivolous and serious. As well as writing my own material from scratch, I have taken to rescuing entries by other ‘Guide Researchers’ from h2g2’s Flea Market, as well as updating existing entries that have gone out of date.

The entry on PARANOIA was just such an outdated example, published into the Guide in June 2000. The original Researcher wrote with the West End Games version in mind, so many of the details don’t quite match up to the present edition. So, I wrote an update to replace the existing Edited version, featuring all the marvels of Year 214 living in Alpha Complex. We say goodbye to six-packs, followers of Moo and the limitations of yestercycle, and ‘Good Morning, citizen’ to the potentials of unlimited cloning, wealth and unrivalled utopian ideals…

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