Power Puzzle

For anyone who has been desperate to find a true techno-option to presenting the puzzle at the end of Both Sides Now – one of the plethora of missions in Service, Service – look no further. Omega Complex proudly presents the new fangled drag-n-drop slide puzzle ((Which works on some browsers, but not others. Internet Explorer 6, for example, doesn’t like it. I shall tweak and twiddle to see what can be done without breaking it everywhere else.)) version of that very conundrum, right here. Enjoy responsibly!

Please Note: The puzzle requires patience and diligence – qualities we expect in all the best Troubleshooters. If you try to take short cuts, you can expect to make the whole thing a lot harder! The puzzle contains no faults, inconsistencies or frustrating glitches. The Computer maintains strict protocols and quality controls that prevent those sort of things.

Suggestion: You might consider changing the parameters of the challenge if you use this version of the Power Puzzle and make the target to complete it in 50 moves or less (which is certainly possible, even if the browser doesn’t quite work!).

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