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I have been really falling behind on my reading this year. Well, actually, I have been really falling behind on logging my reading this year.

I have been using for the last two years to manage my reading challenge, and this year is no different. However, this year a third of my target relates to gaming books, and many of the older ones I really want to read don’t have a barcode and/or don’t have an entry on the website. I have occasionally added books to the site before now, but I don’t really want to get into the habit of it. It takes time and effort, and if I add something that someone else never ever reads, what was the point?

I might have an easier time of it now that has made an agreement with Amazon to link into their book data, but older books still might not appear. I have history and gaming books without ISBN codes, and no wish to become an unpaid cataloguer for anyone.

I might opt for spoofing books with comparable reads. Maybe I can find a book of comparable page count and pretend I read that instead, just to keep up with the challenge? Or, I could get over myself and do the cataloguing. Better yet, do away with a website challenge count and just read the pile of books I have waiting for me without getting all bothered about keeping a precise count.

I have continued to enjoy expanding my reading, especially with the addition of gaming books in the pile. Over the weekend I read a game I purchased in 2009. I doubt that’s the oldest unread gaming book I have in my possession. In this instance, I bought Warhammer Fantasy Role Play 3rd Edition on release, at considerable expense. I started reading, but got waylaid and never went back. Now that I have read it, I regret leaving it so long, as I really quite like the mechanics and I’m familiar with the background. With the reading done, I have started playing a game with my wife and kids.

That’s good, valuable reading effort.

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