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Sometimes books slither like snails in the face of an oncoming predator. For all the enthusiasm shown by those involved, somehow the creative process fails completely to kick-start, chugging and choking like an ill-maintained TransBot. In the case of the two PARANOIA gear books – STUFF and STUFF 2: The Gray Subnets – this never happened.

Fueled on CoffeeLyke and Doctor Bot, frenzified with an cascade of bile and imagination, both books streamed forth… hundreds of entries from a multitude of Traitors. Eric Minton quite probably didn’t sleep for days, typing until his fingers became bloody stumps, his swollen eyes weeping crimson tears. All who tried to match his productivity failed miserably…

While you might think the sheer weight of content means that some of the material might fall short of the quality mark, you probably haven’t taken account of the fact that we created many more entries than finally made it into the books. Many many more.

STUFF comes to mind, because I hadn’t noticed the extra material on Mongoose Publishing before. If you combine the Page Template and STUFF graphics you can create your own gear in an authentic C-Bay format, plastered with motivational slogans like ‘Non-Treasonous’, ‘Live The Adventure’ and ‘Entirely Funky’… Which discerning citizen could refuse offers like that?

I’m happy to say a lot of my own material made it into both books (like the refreshing taste of Doctor Bot). I’m also happy to say, both volumes of STUFF far exceed the accomplishments of the old R&D Catalog, which provided lacklustre detail of a dozen or so items. You can feel the love flicking through STUFF volumes… knowing that willing and eager Traitors hand-crafted every item…

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