Target Acquired

I obtained a copy of PARANOIA 5th Edition.

I spent 99 pence on this item. Plus postage. I do not have high expectations. Actually, I have no specific expectations. Do not judge me on this purchase – I needed to complete my pre-Mongoose PARANOIA collection, and this item remained outstanding. Admittedly, I might later choose to disassociate the volume from any link to the word ‘outstanding’.

I will return with comments of some kind. I doubt I can regret a mere 99 pence. The eBay seller should have the book to me in the next few days.

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2 thoughts on “Target Acquired

  1. 5th Edition may be a horrible edition, but there might still be good ideas to mine in there (such as the Politiclones). I hope you can find anything useful in 5th Edition that could be somewhat, sorta used in the modern day, and if so, you’d post it on Omega Complex and refine it in such a manner that you can safely disguise its Unhistorical origins.