The Bank

You work for The Bank. You work hard, you get a bonus. Heck, you might even get a promotion. You often look at the penthouse offices and aspire to be one of the Board someday. OK, so the work isn’t very interesting, but this is a bank, right? What could be interesting about a bank?

Thing is, some people say The Bank has enemies. Enemies within. You see, The Bank has an unusual investment portfolio. Diverse. Rumour has it, The Bank has funded gun-running, drug-trafficking, political assassinations – maybe even a few civil wars. Those people have to be wrong, right? So, sometime the Board ask you to root out the real enemies. The political activitists. The secret services operatives. The disgruntled businesses who defaulted on their loans. And don’t even start with the reporters.

Of course, you’re a reporter. Or is it a spy? Or a potential saboteur, bankrupted by The Bank’s lending and now ready for a little C4-based redecorating. You don’t want to be too overt about your intentions, but someone in The Bank has to pay back a little interest for you, right?

Then again, you also have that stuff in The Vault to consider. That evidence of your misguided past. That guy you killed in a hit-and-run. Or was it that string of prostitutes you physically abused. No…? The cocaine you smuggled across the border, but didn’t account for getting caught on camera.

So… you work like a good employee, never quite knowing who might know about you… who might be watching you… keeping tabs. In time, you’ll get back the leverage The Bank has against you, and get the Board to pay back their debt to you.

Or at least get your own penthouse office…

(inspired by watching the trailer for ‘The International‘)

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