Torrevaldaliga Nord

Glancing through a copy of ‘The Guardian’, I’ve had since October 9th (I rarely read newspapers the day I buy them… I prefer to relax and absorb the content when it’s convenient to me), I opened the centre spread to find the stunning interior of Torrevaldaliga Nord, a coal-powered energy plant north of Rome. These pictures made me think of ‘Both Sides Now’, my mission in ‘Service, Service!‘ where Troubleshooters get the chance to face off against themselves in the heart of an advanced new Power Services generator. I’m sure the average player couldn’t really comprehend the sheer scale of the character’s environment and just how damned imposing it would be…

I can envisage the core of the generator hanging above the platform in the first picture, while the second image provides a great idea of the immense size of the dome. Indeed, I think it probably isn’t large enough. The third image adds to the range of tunnels and passageways suitable for inclusion in ‘The Underplex‘… a conveyor belt that seems to vanish off into infinity somewhere, it provides a sense of the industrial combined with a notion of the ‘what the heck do all these red things do?’. Well, it does for me.

Images © Panos

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