UK Games Expo

Off to the UK Games Expo in Birmingham tomorrow. Should be a quick drive (less than 2 hours traffic permitting) and I can then have a snoop around the game stands to see what’s new.

Last time I was there, they had the new edition of Talisman (before Games Workshop gave it up to Fantasy Flight), my kids played Magic (and I even managed a quick draft), and I pottered around a spot. Played a game of Cthulhu Munchkin with Phil Masters (a very pleasant veteran of the RPG industry who is always very unassuming considering the incredible amount of stuff he has written over the years).

Hoping to see some new board games, check out who is down there representing Mongoose (to pump them for details on the new PARANOIA, maybe), and see what the 2nd hand dealers have to offer. Maybe a demo or two with the likes of Esdevium to pass the time?

Oh… and if you’re there yourself, I’ll be wearing a bright green hand-painted Cthulhu t-shirt – Fhtagn!

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