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I have been mulling over what I plan to do next. Not immediately, by any measure, but soon. Right now, I have an adventure to write for ‘Outlive Outdead‘. I have a plan and a sketch of that adventure, but I need to get myself in the mood. Or, perhaps, I need to work out how I can just write without feeling that I need to be getting into any mood. I mean, why should I be holding myself back because of something as fickle as a mood.

Anyway. After I finish with the zombie adventure, I want to create some smaller PDF encounters or micro-adventures – the sort of things that I can turn out in a much shorter space of time than ‘Stench of the Sea‘. That module really exploded from a couple of dozen pages up and outward in 72 pages. And, those 72 pages probably won’t stick there – as I think I need to tweak the format and may add the recently mapped ‘Wheezing Winze‘ as extra content. I did say sometime back that I looked forward to the prospects of creating electronic content I could add to and correct even after release. I like DriveThru/RPGNow for that very reason, because once I have released something I’m not stuck with the niggling frustration that what I did wrong will stay that way forever.

Beyond micro-adventures or encounters, I have a project or three with Arion Games, including a new tool kit for the Maelstrom role playing game. After Graham Bottley released the Maelstrom Classic Fantasy Toolkit it seemed appropriate to consider something similar to cover another genre – a Science Fiction Tool Kit. I started work on that over the summer, but got side-tracked. I need to get back to the page and ideally get that sorted before the end of the year – or, better yet, before Dragonmeet at the beginning of December.

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