Mode Changing

I’ve finished the second version of my Outlive Outdead Companion adventure – the first created using the marvellous Snowflake Technique. While I’ll continue tinkering with the content and editing, I need to now switch focus. Indeed, I need to swap genre as well, from zombies to science fiction as I… Continue reading Mode Changing

Stone Dead

I did post, last time, of the need to consider “What next?”. Of course, I had a very clear what next in the form of the Outlive Outdead Companion. I never thought I’d spend so much time thinking about zombies. I love a bit of classic zombie action or a… Continue reading Stone Dead

Whatever Next

I have been mulling over what I plan to do next. Not immediately, by any measure, but soon. Right now, I have an adventure to write for ‘Outlive Outdead‘. I have a plan and a sketch of that adventure, but I need to get myself in the mood. Or, perhaps,… Continue reading Whatever Next

Average Antagonists

Just unearthed Jamie Wallis’s article on creatures in the Maelstrom role-playing game, a feature that Alexander Scott overlooked somewhat. Indeed, Maelstrom really leaves antagonists wide open for a Referee to consider, as it offers no particular advice whatsoever. You can, in practice, use the standard character generation system. An average… Continue reading Average Antagonists