It’s Flexitime

The flexible display offers considerable potential in offering continuous output through unusual mediums. While email and news delivered through your coffee mug might be a little off the wall, what could HPD & MC or PLC do with similarly flexible media to engage citizens in the expanding Alpha Complex economy? Having cups flogging Just-Like-Goat flavored algae snacks or boots praising Cool You kelpshakes with added tetraphenylchlorometasilicate could become a might distracting in the middle of a firefight or a tense negotiation with twitchy Commie mutant traitors. You would be hard pressed telling The Computer that you missed a news bulletin about mandatory happiness enhancement sessions down at the local reactor if the damned thing just got broadcast over every standard issue holster or belt in the sector.

Really, Friend Computer, I must have missed that message while we pursued the traitors, undercover, through the NKD Sector’s officially sanctioned Happy Loyal Naturists Parade…

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