Omega Complex REBOOTING

With the release of the new edition of PARANOIA and supplementary materials, Omega Complex will be coming out of mothballs. The order has been placed, and the spirit is willing, so the time has come to set our sites in Year 214 and make amends for lost time and commendation points.

In addition, you can expect some PARANOIA-adjacent goodness as I ponder my own dystopian game (in development), Lost In The Fold – a genre setup for the upcoming Sanction RPG.

Lost In The Fold is a genre setup (a combined setting, character generation definition, and rules mod) about inhabitants of The Fold, a subterranean civilisation faced with a slender thread of survival dependent on draconian laws and a community trusting in bludgeoning levels of control. But, all is not as it seems, and when placed in a position of perceived authority, the Player Characters find more than they reckoned with beneath the surface, and their livelihood demands that they run a very fine line.

The setting riffs off of PARANOIA, Logan’s Run, The Silo, Memoirs Found in a Bathtub, and City of Ember, amongst others.

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