Stone Dead

I did post, last time, of the need to consider “What next?”. Of course, I had a very clear what next in the form of the Outlive Outdead Companion. I never thought I’d spend so much time thinking about zombies. I love a bit of classic zombie action or a spot of ‘The Walking Dead‘; now, I have to keep my brain tuned to the Zed frequency for a whole month or so.

I had an early revelation about a Stone Age zombie adventure because the concept lends itself to the genre. A fresh zombie approach demands something a little different – and what better than a time when the population lacked the tools to deal with zombies! Modern zombie media has too many shotguns and crossbows. Yes, the lurching corpses can still sneak up on you, but if you know they’re coming you just shoot ‘em until your clip runs dry.

What if you only had a flaked stone cutting tool and, maybe, a goat skin bola? Would you fare so well against the horde when you can’t pull off a long range kill shot?

Yes, early man did develop tools, including bows, but the Neanderthal didn’t. For whatever reason, the business of developing tools didn’t really come up and the average Neanderthal made do with the basic tools – like flaked stone. The perfect combination seems to be zombies vs. the somewhat unprepared Neanderthal then… and that’s where “Extinction Event” is going.

As well as the adventure, “EE” will almost definitely feature one or more of the following – different starting equipment, setting specific motivations, and new talents and/or capabilities. Certainly different starting equipment. We’ll see how the rest pans out…

Of course, the Companion will feature other time periods, past and future – which I’m looking forward to reading as much as anyone. I have noticed since the start of the Kickstarter that the option to have your own unique adventure in the book sold out like really scrummy hot cakes. Clearly people want their own unique take on the zombie apocalypse…

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