The World Divided

I spent the last two months writing a new piece for an upcoming book, briefly mentioned on the Mongoose Upcoming Releases, but there no more. Good PARANOIA comes to those who wait.

“Brave New Complex” is a collection of alternate Alpha Complex settings and variant PARANOIA settings in other genres, which I am sure will have something for everyone. My contribution, the “Avignon Papacy”, sees the characters take on the role of Papal Investigators seeking out treachery and intrigue along the stone corridors and seedy back streets of Avignon in the late 14th Century. The Church has elected two separate Popes – and that means trouble for everyone. You live for trouble – even though sometimes you might get stabbed, burnt, damned, imprisoned, poisoned, drowned and defiled in the process. Long live Pope Benedict XIII – down with the Roman anti-pope!

Trust me, you’re going to love this! (Or you would have done if fate / Communist traitors hadn’t conspired to cut the line short)

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