Wipeable PVC Cards

It seemed like a novel idea. Many gamers use whiteboards all the time, large and small, to keep track of people, places or the steady progress of combat. I have always been on the look out for something ideally suited to the tabletop.

I have a whiteboard around A4 in size, and another around A3. I also have one of the fabulous Noteboards.

Now, the Noteboard is made up of individual index card-sized sections, each laminated to allow you to write, wipe and re-write. I suppose I could take a pack of index cards myself and laminate them. But, but… hang on.

What about something that can be wiped and cleaned without all the hassle of laminating?

Well, that’s what you can see in the picture – PVC cards. Wipeable, portable, and easily stored in your favourite All Rolled Up amongst the rest of your gaming kit.

I love them. As you can see, you can use them for simple things like recording Aspects in Fate Core, or scribbling a dungeon. Maybe you can use them for character cards? Initiative tracking? Monitoring conditions?

Actually, you could have a room per card and put together a dungeon randomly – drawing the dungeon with a more permanent pen and adding notes with a dry wipe one.

I used them last week in my Dragon Age game to record hit points for enemies and initiative scores for the whole party. I could write the numbers down, scatter them around the table in front of the players, and then take them back at the end to wipe and reuse.

I also planned to use them for Aspects in running Space: 1889 using Fate, but – alas – the session didn’t happen.

I plan to take a range of pens and test them out. Dry wipe, wet wipe, permanent, pigment. Whatever comes to hand with potential. Some pens simply don’t have the consistency to work. Others seem to stain horribly. Oddly, many ‘permanent’ pens won’t come off with a rub of the finger, but will if scribbled over with another pen (or even a crayon).

Experimental gaming fun!


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