Criminally Low Stock

Matthew Sprange: Just to let you know that Underplex and Criminal Histories are hitting very low stock levels in our warehouse, and there are no plans to reprint them. If you want to grab these books, act quickly.

So, if you want a print copy, get over to Mongoose and buy one. Or, you could always depend on the perennially reliable online auction sites for secondhand copies.

And there are always PDF copies if you’re keen on preserving precious shelf space…

Bill’s fine Criminal Histories injected a wonderful thrill into the PARANOIA character generation, which had been missing from the system all these long years. Why should Traveller players be the only ones perched on the edges of their seats with each and every dice roll on yet another character generation chart? I know Allen Varney – writer and designer of PARANOIA (2004 edition) – relished the opportunity to format and layout dozens upon dozens of pages containing nothing but tables.

For my part, I wrote The Underplex as my first full-length project – me and my laptop against the world (or, more precisely, the ever approaching deadline). I appreciate the opportunity to add a little something to PARANOIA lore and hope that the passing of this book will not see ‘The Underplex’ forgotten like it’s namesake.

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