Drive Thru Briefing

For anyone trying to fill out their collection of PARANOIA who has made the transistion to the 21st century and can tolerate reading on a computer screen (or who has qualms about the destruction of the rain forests), you can get (almost) the whole PARANOIA range from DriveThruRPG. If you’ve checked Mongoose recently, the whole PARANOIA range is no longer available in hard copy – most probably due to the change to internal printing operations and the limitation of the machinery. If you have a hankering for ‘Crash Priority‘ or ‘The Traitors Manual‘ you’ll need to look to other sources – and at a fraction of the standard retail price DriveThru seems to offer an ideal place to shop.

I have taken to ordering a lot of books recently through this source, largely because I find reading off my laptop rather comfortable. Open Acrobat, hit Ctrl+Shift+(minus sign) to spin counter clockwise 90 degrees and Ctrl+L to go full screen (I think) – voila! Big screen reading in a format that isn’t a hassle. A lot easier on a laptop than a desktop… but, you could always tip your monitor on it’s side! Having a PDF of the rules or an adventure means I can Search out what I need without flicking through pages or scanning the index – and I can add my own notes to the text onscreen (as I have an old, but serviceable, copy of the full version of Acrobat). I can sit back on a comfy seat, or out in the sun in the backyard, perch the laptop on my legs and read until the battery goes flat without hassle. Highly recommended.

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