It’s Flexitime

The flexible display offers considerable potential in offering continuous output through unusual mediums. While email and news delivered through your coffee mug might be a little off the wall, what could HPD & MC or PLC do with similarly flexible media to engage citizens in the expanding Alpha Complex economy?… Continue reading It’s Flexitime

Under Decoration

Art on pavements and in drains… Forget Communist scrawls and rusted biohazard signs – what would Troubleshooters make of this stuff1 scattered across the surfaces of the Underplex?


I watched the movie ‘Doom‘ at the weekend. I know – I should save statements like that for the nearest confession booth and expect at least a mild brainscrubbing. I claim no great worth for the movie as anything other than a CGI-daubed, gore-splattered gunfest. I did take great glee… Continue reading Doomed

Year 214

Happy New Year, citizens! Here’s to a great Year 214 – filled with new challenges1, new opportunities2 and 4.3% more Spring Onion and Aniseed flavored Cold Fun for everyone3.