Target Acquired

I obtained a copy of PARANOIA 5th Edition. I spent 99 pence on this item. Plus postage. I do not have high expectations. Actually, I have no specific expectations. Do not judge me on this purchase – I needed to complete my pre-Mongoose PARANOIA collection, and this item remained outstanding.… Continue reading Target Acquired

One Off

I had one of those PARANOIA moments while out roleplaying last week. Asked what games we could run, I went through various options and mentioned PARANOIA. The immediate reaction – “Isn’t that more of a one off?”. Well, that rather depends, I suppose. To go off on a tangent, my… Continue reading One Off


[Professor Stone and colleagues at Yale University] have now succeeded in building [an anti-laser]. [The] device focuses two lasers beams of a specific frequency into a specially designed optical cavity made from silicon, which traps the incoming beams of light and forces them to bounce around until all their energy… Continue reading Laser-B-GON

Mission Fragment

The Troubleshooter team, while engaged in a mission of particular danger and excitement, draw the attentions of a High Programmer. At particularly awkward moments amidst the action / investigation / mayhem / explosive decompression / heart-rending emotional exchange the team encounter INFRARED Clearance cannon-fodder / RED Clearance administrative personnel /… Continue reading Mission Fragment